I am a photography hobbyist who never studied photography formally, however, I intend to still learn it. I dreamt of becoming a wedding and fashion shutterbug years back and I’m seeing that dream coming to life early this year, 2014.

I am also a frustrated writer. I always want to be one, but never given the chance. I’ve many stories in my mind but failed to put it into writing. That’s the reason I have this blog so I can at least be a writer of my own story.

I’ve always wanted to be a model when I was young but never made it to the industry since I only stand 5’2″. Why is height a requirement to become a model? Nonetheless, I’m a fashion fanatic so I still get the chance to express myself if not in the Ramp, through pictures. My fave outfit? Shirt & Shorts. Something that can keep me going whatever I come up in a day. But I can explore on something “girly” and elegant when needed.

Oh I loooove chocolates!!! I can’t live without it! Yes, I looove to eat. I’m often called “One of the Boys”.  I guess I need not to elaborate that.

I have so much passion on Movies and TV Series! Which one? Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese? I got sundry collections of them. I like action-packed movies, too. If I’m given the chance to do a movie – I would do Action-Love story. Hmmm.

I’m a beach bummer who can’t swim on deep waters. I fear I might get twinges and may drown. It often happens to me whenever I swim. That’s the saddest part of a beachbummer like me.

I started learning surfing the waves and I’m loving it!


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